an invitation Wherever you are when we start, I aim to apply my knowledge to your personal college admissions goals creatively and holistically.  My approach is creative because I can get you thinking in ways you've perhaps not yet considered. It is holistic because I am aware of the complex array of factors that impact selective college admissions, and this invites us to collaborate on a multi-layered admissions campaign.
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​confidence​  I can be a great source of ideas on curriculum, projects, summer activities, extra-curriculars, and standardized testing strategy. I'll help you establish a healthy pace so that by the time the actual application process starts, you'll be well on your way. You'll be able to confidently present yourself to the colleges, along with the tangible accomplishments you've achieved along the way. ​The college list we construct will be thoughtful and well-considered. You'll learn how to make college visits work for you in multiple ways.​
energy ​If you are already in 12th grade, I can still impact your admissions success! I have lots of energy and enjoy the excitement of the application process. That's the point where we'll brainstorm the best essay topics to capture your uniqueness, keep you on schedule and organized, and develop the optimal "brag sheet" or resume. We'll attend to the countless details that will allow you to convey with impact who you are and where you see yourself going, in a natural voice, with depth and integrity, on the application schedule that best fits your needs. My aim is for you to get your self in: either early where you most wish to attend...or to have the "happy problem" of choosing amongst multiple acceptances!
​greatest impact​  My counsel can have the greatest impact if you contact me early in the high school years.  We can establish a relationship; you'll have an educational consultant as a resource for planning throughout high school. I'll make a preliminary assessment of your interests and talents, experiences and learning style, values and goals. I'll help you develop a greater and more nuanced awareness of those affinities as you mature. Together we'll explore opportunities--in school and out--for you to put your growing identity into action.